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One Odd Bird Press is an independent publisher on the lookout for talented voices, both new and established authors. We welcome writers from all communities to submit to our imprints. We value inclusivity and we are committed to publishing books that our readers will identify with and embrace. We will only read finished manuscripts. Check out our two imprints below and if your manuscript fits within these genres, we’d love to see it! At this time we are not interested in any genre or subgenre that isn’t listed below.

One Odd Bird Imprint

At the current time we’re looking for sweet romances, small town romances, cozy mysteries, romantic comedies, spicy contemporary romance, and paranormal romance. All romances must have a happily ever after, or happy for now ending. We would love to see manuscripts between 50,000 and 110,000 words. We are not accepting novellas or anthologies at this time, but we will consider completed novella serials. We’re happy to read both agented, and non-agented submissions.

One Dark Horse Imprint

We’d love to find some new voices in horror, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, mystery/thriller, and paranormal fiction. We’d like to publish novels of 50,000-110,000 words in these genres. We are not accepting novellas or anthologies at this time, but we will consider completed novella serials. We’re happy to read both agented, and non-agented submissions.

What we bring to the table:

  • Innovative Marketing: Marketing has changed. Large publishers no longer sink money and time into marketing, especially for new or mid-list authors. To be successful in today’s book world, you must find creative ways to market your work. At One Odd Bird Press, we pride ourselves on thinking outside the old-school publishing box. We’re constantly devising new and unique ways to market your stories. We don’t rely on outdated blog hops, boosted Facebook posts, and the like, but instead we continuously look ahead, think of fresh ways to get your books in front of as many readers as possible, and build your brand.
  • Help building a community of readers for your books.
  • Professional and Marketable Book Covers: Most people do judge a book by its cover. We spare no expense when it comes to creating beautiful, professional and compelling covers. . We also provide professional images for marketing & social media use so that we ensure continuity of your brand
  • Professional Editing: Unlike most indie publishers, we do deep developmental edits on our all of our books and that is something very very rare in indie publishing. There are three things a publisher should never ever skimp on: editing, cover design, and whisky. Wait. That last one was supposed to be “community building”. But. . . you get the idea.
  • Digital and Paperback Distribution: Your book will be published on a variety of online ecommerce sites where readers are shopping. We’ll decide as a team, author and publisher, whether traditional publishing is right for your book.
  • More royalties in our authors’ pockets: We offer a unique sliding royalty model. Simplified, that means the more books we sell together, the higher the % our authors take home.
  • Possible foreign rights sales.
  • Possible audiobook development & distribution.
  • Initial shipment of Advanced Reader Copies (paperbacks) of your book + fun swag to giveaway to readers.
  • Exclusive video classes and other materials on marketing, social media, community building, and so much more to help you become as successful as possible as an author.
  • Unique opportunities to see your book in other mediums. Coloring Books. Comic Strips. Audio/Podcast “shows”. Webisodes. & more.
  • And much, much more.

What we don’t guarantee:

  • Instant Success. No one can guarantee success on any level. Books are subjective, and the success of one book depends on so many factors, many of which are out of the control of both authors and publishers. Here’s what can guarantee: we will do everything within our power, while working side-by-side with you, to make your book launch as successful as possible.
  • Barnes & Noble/Big Box Retailer Distribution. We don’t guarantee that your book will end up on the shelves of your local bookstore and, honestly, and for most books, it’s not a priority for us. The rules of book marketing have fundamentally changed in the last few years, and getting a book on the shelf of a chain store is in no way a measure of any author’s, or any book’s, success. We want to help you sell books, and we want to get your books in the hands and hearts of readers, whether that’s via an ebook, or a printed book. We want to help you make your writing marketable so that you can be compensated for the huge amount of work you’ve put into your stories. Am I right?

How to Submit:

Please fill out the form below. If you are agented, please have your agent submit on your behalf. We look forward to reading your manuscript! 

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