Protagonist Program

We’re all odd here

One Odd Bird Press’s Protagonist Program is the first of its kind in the publishing industry and was created with influencers, taste-makers, and really everyone in mind. Have a huge following on social media? No following? Are you an influencer? A stay at home mom or dad? Maybe a writer who needs a little extra cash to put into your writing? How about just a reader? Whomever you are. This program is for you!

  • NO startup costs!
  • NO products to order!
  • NO inventory to keep track of!
  • NO shipping!
  • NO home parties!
  • NO upline or pyramid to worry about!
  • NO sales-y MLM pitches!
  • NO minimums!
  • A love of reading!
  • A love of all things bookish!
  • A desire to share your love of reading!
  • A desire to make a little (or a lot) of cash!
  • A little time set aside each day/week.
  • A place to share, like social media pages, etc.
  • A PayPal account to get paid through.
  • A great attitude! 

How does it work?

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