Dram Good Love eBOOK (McGowan’s Millions #1) a novella


A McGowan’s Millions Novella!

Hotel magnate Roderick McGowan just bought The Balbrea Distillery at a foreclosure sale for pennies on the pound. As the only remaining distillery that makes whisky using an eighteenth century method, he plans to cash in by building a five-star boutique hotel next door and bringing in Scotch connoisseurs by the bus-load. There can’t be much to making good Scotch. But there’s only one problem. The owner’s daughter is refusing to sell the adjacent property to him. Without it, he’s not sure how he’ll ever turn a decent profit.

Valerie Buchanan has been making whisky alongside her father since she was forced to leave her job at a powerful Edinburgh Marketing and PR firm after a terrible betrayal. Her father refused her marketing advice and the distillery was in serious trouble before his sudden death. Even though she’s heartbroken that she’s lost the distillery, she plans to keep The Grange, the country house has been in the family for generations. Even if that means making a deal with Roderick McGowan.

Roderick arrives at Balbrea, he realizes that all the smooth talk in the world isn’t going to
change Valerie’s mind. He’s going to have to resort to other tactics. Valerie doesn’t see many billionaires in the Western Highlands and she’s more than willing to entertain a meaningless fling with a big-spender. But when the two are caught in a Highlands snow storm and have a little too much Scotch, they might strike a deal. On forever.

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