Dram Good Brew eBOOK (McGowan’s Millions #2) a novella


A billionaire with a conscience. . .

As the CEO of Fair Trade International, Lachlan McGowan’s career is centered around finding the best coffee on the globe, paying farmers a fair price, and selling the product on the world market. More than anything he wants to land a deal with Senor Salento, a Colombian coffee farmer whose beans are the gold standard.

A Chicago waitress with a broken heating unit and no savings. . .

Marijoy Harris, a waitress, is raising her little brother after her parents’ death in a car accident. Instead of studying biology at Northwestern or dating eligible bachelors, she’s slinging rubbery scrambled eggs and watered down coffee to boring business men. When her heating unit dies in the midst of a cold, Chicago winter, she needs money fast, or she’ll have to make some hard decisions about whether to keep her brother warm, or in the school that’s done so much to draw him out of his shell.

The deal of a lifetime. . .

When Senor Salento invites Lachlan and his wife to his Colombian ranch to talk about a coffee deal, there’s only one problem. Lachlan is a confirmed bachelor with no plans to change his status any time soon. But he’s not going to pass up a chance to make the deal of a lifetime. So, he makes a deal with Marijoy: one weekend in Colombia, with her own room, posing as his wife, and he’ll pay her three thousand dollars. No strings attached. He gets the coffee, and she gets a new heating unit.

Crash and burn. . .

Posing as a married couple isn’t as hard as it would seem, and Marijoy and Lachlan are enjoying their time in Colombia, until Senora Salento discovers their lie. After coming clean, the two are left to figure out if the attraction they felt for each other in South America was real, or if they just got too invested in the deception.

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