Wish List

Curious about what type of manuscripts we’re on the lookout for!? Check out our Manuscript Wish List below:



  • Zombie Apocalypse book that MAKES me care about the characters.
  • Cozy Mysteries with more modern flair.
  • Small Town &/or Sweet Romances with fresh voice.
  • Historical Romance with hints of magic/paranormal
  • Vampires. Please. But writing and plot has to be super compelling/unique!
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Romantic Comedies
  • Ghosts/Auras/Wraiths
  • Witch stories in a unique voice.
  • Romances with baking/cooking/etc.
  • Romantic/Magical/Paranormal books set in Scotland/Ireland
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Post-Apocalyptic
  • Unique take on “monsters”/horror
  • Fake Relationship/Hate-to-Real Relationship/Love

ASAP! Need it NOW!

  • Historical Romances slap in the center of the Women’s Suffrage Movement (particularly 1890-1920)
  • Give me a female lead on an EPIC road trip or a soul-searching adventure.
  • Witches with wonky powers that make me LOL
  • Stories with a heavy Native American influence
  • Romance with Korean Influences ala popular Korean RomComs/Romance Dramas
  • Gender Bender Retellings
  • Female (Reluctant) Superhero
  • LOL books with super sarcastic characters in the vein of the Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich
  • Story that deep dives into leaving a cult/religion with super memorable and relatable characters.
  • Near-Future story in the vein of Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale
  • Anti-Valentines/Anti-Romance RomCom
    “Parody” of US/Political Climate today
  • LOL-Worthy. Serious Tongue-in-Cheek Humor. Fiction.
  • Body-Swap ala Freaky Friday- funny but poignant involving stepping in a LGBTQ or Minority’s life.

Maybe Someday

  • Accidental Time Travel (funny)
  • Fantasy
  • Weres/Shifters unless in the same awesome vein as the “Jane Yellowrock Series” by Faith Hunter
  • Horror: Serial Killer
  • Military
  • Police


  • Futuristic
  • Erotica/Erotic Romance
  • Westerns
  • Epic Fantasy
  • Space Travel/Other Planets
  • Aliens

About the Author

Meet P.S Martinez

As an expert on all things Gilmore Girls, and with a deep love for a good zombie thriller, Peggy has published several novels over the years through small and medium presses and via self-publishing. In 2015, Peggy founded a subscription box business geared towards readers. What started as a tiny Kickstarter, later flourished into a full-fledged community and fandom brand. In just over a year Peggy took a few thousand dollars from the Kickstarter and turned it into a million-dollar-a-year business. What she is most proud of, though, is the wonderful community of readers and fangirls she fostered during that time.

Armed with her knowledge and experience in publishing, running a booming business, building an online community, and utilizing innovative marketing methods, Peggy and One Odd Bird Press aim to bring a much needed breath of fresh air to the publishing industry.


I want to snort-laugh and truly forget all my worries while reading. I want to fall in love with diverse characters and experience different religions, countries, cultures, and issues through them. I want to see cleverly written books that deal with relevant topics others might be afraid to. I want to find books on my desk that leave me breathless and I can’t wait to share with other readers. Mostly, I want books that draw me in so thoroughly that I never want to leave the world I’m reading.

Current Favorite Shows

A Discovery of Witches

The Good Place

The Walking Dead

Vuslat (Turkish Drama)

Nerd Obsessions

Turkish Dramas

Asian Dramas

Wax Bars from

Spicy Ramen. (whut?)

and ummmm sharpie collecting?

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