The Stars Hollow Sixth Annual HoliDAZE event is poised to be the best one ever.

Taylor Doose has bagged an actual Hollywood Star Chef to compete in the charity cook off and the entire town is abuzz with news about Bucky Blazes cooking live right there in their own hometown.

But when one of the other chefs ends up dead, the star studded event turns into a cop bedazzled one.

The worst part is that all clues point to one of their very own, Sookie St. James, as being the murderer.

Rory, with a reluctant Paris Geller in tow, has to unearth clues and find the real murderer before Sookie ends up squandering her culinary talents in the kitchen of a women’s penitentiary.

Don’t miss out on the action, suspense, and all things Gilmore in this new FanFic piece brought to you by the authors at One Odd Bird Press. There’s even a bonus recipe straight from the kitchen of Sookie St James!

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